Book Report Projects

To introduce students to a variety of different literature, the students will be completing one chapter book report project each month.  Each child will be responsible for finding a chapter book to read for each month’s topic.  Students have access to our school library and our classroom library to find books.  In addition, they may read a book from home or a public library.  After students read the book, they will have a book report project to complete and hand in for a Reading grade.  An explanation and directions for each project will be handed out at the beginning of every month.  Each book report project counts as two Reading grades.  Students will complete the project primary at home and parents are encouraged to help.  The students may hand in their project anytime through-out the month with each project due on the last day of the month.  Happy Reading!

Realistic Fiction…Realistic fiction consists of stories that take place in modern times.  The characters are involved in events that could happen.  (not true) (Read 80 pages or more)
Book Project: Scrapbook page  Click here for examples!

Fantasy …Fantasy is fiction that contains elements that are not realistic, such as talking animals and magical powers. (not true)  (Read 80 pages or more)
Book Project: Memory bag Click here for examples!

Historical Fiction…Historical fiction is made up of stories that take place in a particular time period in the past.  (not true) (Read 80 pages or more)
Book Project: Flip Book Click here for examples!

Poetry…Poetry is verse written to evoke thought and feeling from the reader.  If often uses rhythm and rhyme to convey its message.  (Read 80 poems or more from at least three different poetry books)
Book Project: Book Cube Click here for examples!

Informational…Informational books are nonfiction books that give factual information on a variety of topics. (true)  (Read 60 pages or more)
Book Project: Game Board Click here for examples!

Fable or Tall Tale…In a fable, characters are animals that talk and act like people.  They are usually short stories.  They contain a lesson or moral about life.  In tall tales, the characters contain superhuman traits (Paul Bunyan).  Tall tales explain how something in nature came to be (Grand Canyon).  They often contain hyperboles and similes.  (Read 3 fables or tall tales)
Book Project: Puppets or a play

Biography…Biography consists of factual stories about real people from the past or present.  (true) (Read 60 pages or more)
Book Project: timeline
  Click here for examples!